Laser  is the magic light that can be used to make many attractive games. In this series, you can find different laser entertainment designed for different age groups and can help  to to know more about the laser and its unique features.




Tachra is an intellectual laser game that accommodates different ages. The game is between two teams who compete to destroy a bad symbol. In Tachra, laser lights are guided by mirrors and they operate in a netted rectangular plate. Apart from the plate, there are 25 pieces. Each team has 1 laser, 2 two-sided mirrors, and 7 one-sided mirrors. There is also 1 bad symbol, and 4 pieces which protect the bad symbol. The pieces are allowed to be moved in 8 directions and rotated 90 degrees. The bad symbol is destroyed after it has been hit 7 times. The winner is the team who has been able to hit the bad symbol more, or for the final time.




In laser arrangement, players must accurately arrange different mirrors to cross various obstacles and get the laser light to the target sensor. By passing each step, a more difficult step arises which has more obstacles and requires other mirror arrangements.









Laser targeting is an exciting two-person game where players compete to hit the random target sensor with their pointers. Players must focus on the random target sensor for 5 seconds to receive points. In the end, the player with a higher focus and accuracy wins.