Eliminating Laser Hair Removal, Benefits and Complications

Definition of hair redundant
To hair that grows in areas such as the back, lumbar, forehead, ears, neck, abdomen and genitals, facial skin, chin, under the chin and species, hair loss is said to be due to the elimination of hair in these difficult areas And so it’s not nice for people.Human has so far devised many ways to remove excess hair. Some methods that are temporary and old are: home appliance devices, waxing, creams and powders, strapping and using tweezers, razor blades, waxing and chemical solutions. . After using these methods, red hair will grow again and even any of these methods can cause complications like sensitivity.Today, due to the temporary nature and pain and the complications of the old methods, these methods are no longer used and new and effective methods have been replaced.In the specialized skin, hair and beauty sculptures, the latest and most advanced treatments for this purpose are used to eliminate excess hair. We use the latest and most advanced lasers and methods to eliminate the faster and more effective hair loss. One of the most commonly used cosmetic surgeries is the elimination of laser hair loss.This article provides you with comprehensive information on the elimination of laser hair loss, its benefits and its effects.

Eliminating Laser Hair Removal
The laser is a pulse of light that, by keeping the surrounding tissues healthy, is converted to heat and penetrates into the hair follicle, is absorbed by pigments in the hair and causes the hair to disappear in the onion hair. Removing hair is a permanent way, because by doing so, the chance of hair regeneration disappears and the skin does not suffer heat damage.
To eliminate all types of hair, you can use a variety of lasers and their light sources. The hair of the hair leads to permanent and long hair loss and is non-invasive.
Use of laser to remove excess hair and face and for all people with different skin types and colors.
Previously, laser therapy for removing hair was used only for people with a clear skin color, but with the advancement of technology, today the surgery is also done for patients with dark skin, and they are safe and safe for them.
To eliminate excessive hair, most lasers need to have several laser steps.
In some cases, it may take several years to eliminate hair loss. The attention should be paid to the care that lasts after the laser. It is impossible to diagnose who needs a laser and how much it should do to completely remove the hair.
The best and most effective way to treat excess hair in the arm, chest, back and shoulders.

The laser treatment period varies from person to person due to the different individuals and pattern of hair growth, but an average of 3 to 7 sessions is needed to remove hair.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal and Creating A Better Appearance Make you feel good and positive, you will not worry or grow embarrassed by the growth of facial hair or hands and feet. Generally, it increases your self-esteem.
– Maybe without a book and just by hearing the cost of doing a laser, imagine that it’s a treat, but if you look deeper, laser will also save you money. Because in the long run, the use of other methods that are temporary will be much more expensive.
– You will spend time spending your laser and you will be relieved forever from excessive hair and troubles. No longer do you need to regularly wake up and … and will save you a lot of time.
– By doing another laser you will not have problems such as hair growth under the skin and infection and pain caused by it.
– To eliminate and reduce hair loss, use of FDA approved laser therapy.
It is fast and does not require surgery or hospitalization, and after that you are able to move.
– Among all the existing methods, there is less pain and discomfort.
Very quickly you can remove excess hair from excessive hair.
– This method has no harmful effect on the skin.
– It can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the site

Pre-Laser Actions
The patient should be examined by a dermatologist before proceeding with the laser. At this meeting, the patient’s examination tells your expectations of the laser, and the doctor speaks of potential dangers. The patient must follow the following before performing the laser:
Do not do things like waxing, injecting cologenies for skin rejuvenation, taking sun baths, using fiber beds for 2 weeks before performing a laser.
Also, the patient should avoid anything like perfume, body freshener that may cause sensitivity in the laser region.
The patient should not take medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements that increase the risk of bleeding.

Suitable for laser hair removal
In general, laser therapy requires little sessions for people with bright skin and dark hair, so note that if you want to do both laser and tanning, first do the laser and then apply for tanning. But in general, the laser is used to treat more people with different skin colors and even the treatment of bright brown hair. It should be noted that hair that is naturally yellow, red, or white in color, has a slight pigmentation in the root, so it can not be completely eliminated with any kind of laser.
The use of lasers for children is also appropriate. In some cases, such as hairy or hairy congenital teeth, Laser Hair Removal can be eliminated. But for lasers in children, they must be at least 12 years of age to understand and collaborate on the treatment.

Proper body areas to eliminate laser hair loss
Any part of the body you want can be treated with a laser. But in women, lasers are more common in the groin, arms, upper lip, chin, and armpit. In men, more is done in the shoulders, the waist and the beard area of ​​the laser.

Best laser for removing hair
One of the most advanced laser devices in the world to remove excess hair is the Apogee Laser, a laser developed at the American company Cynosure. The unique feature of this device is the ability to adjust the pulse duration and the amount of energy needed to treat various types of hair and skin. Among the available techniques in the world to eliminate excess hair, this device has the highest efficiency and the lowest risk.
Laser hair loss with Alexander’s laser will last for a long time and has no complications and satisfies the patient’s expectations.
LaserAlternity laser is among the most diverse types of lasers available in the market, which has the greatest impact on the removal of dark and thick hair, with this distinctive feature of the Alexander’s laser for the Iranian race.

Complications of Laser Hair Removal
Remedies for laser hair removal are:
Due to the color of the skin, the result of the laser will vary, and in fact, its effectiveness depends on the skin color of the individual. Nor can it be prevented from burning the skin.
Who should not do laser hair removal
– It is forbidden for pregnant women to remove excess hair with laser.
– Lasers are prohibited while taking certain medications. If you are using drugs such as retinoic acid compounds such as acetone and raccoat, or compounds containing retinoic acid and peeling compounds, be sure to tell a specialist to take the necessary precautions before lasers, or generally do laser to time. Postpone another.

– If you have skin diseases.

– If you have diabetes.

– If you have congenital skin disease.

– If you have cardiovascular disease.

– If you have infectious diseases

– If you have too much skin or your skin has recently been exposed to sunburn.

– Your age is less than 17 years old

In addition to the above, which prohibit the use of lasers, this method should not be used in people with suspected tonsillectomy or thyroid cancer. The above is forbidden to carry out lasers for pregnant women, but it should be noted that the effect of the laser on the fetus is not yet known, but in general, it is not recommended in pregnant women to use this method.

Note: You should never look directly at the laser beam, and the patient and the physician should wear special glasses.