Our medium-level laser kit allows for one to learn the parameters and specifications of the outputs of different lasers and understand how they are measured which are of utmost importance in the proper use of lasers in various medical and industrial applications. Using this collection, you’ll become familiarized with the mentioned concepts in different set-ups and for HeNe lasers, Diode lasers, and solid-state lasers which are among the most widely used types of lasers available. In this kit you will learn about:

  • Laser beam expanders;Laser alignment;Snell’s law;

    The difference between laser diodes and LEDs;

    Laser divergence measurement;

    Laser beam quality measurement;

    He:Ne laser specifications;

    Fraunhofer diffraction;

    Young’s double-slit experiment;

    Fresnel prisms;

    The polarization of laser;

    Brewster’s angle.