Advanced DPSS Laser Kit

Five different laser sources at the price of one!

Our DPSS laser kit is a collection of advanced lasers which has been designed specifically for experimenting and learning about laser setups. This kit is designed for academic institutions and research labs to make various education topics easily understandable for a wide range of users. Because of the sensitivity of laser operated machinery, opening them up for inspection and studying their structures is a difficult and expensive endeavor. However, our advanced DPSS laser kit, which consists of five different lasers, solves this problem. With this kit, step by step, students can set up four advanced lasers and become familiar with their specifications.


Possible educational topics that can be worked on using this kit are:

  • Laser diode temperature dependence vs. wavelength;
  • Laser diode control specifics;
  • DPSS laser with passive Q-switch control specifics;
  • General optics;
  • Beam focusing and collimation;
  • Optics alignments;
  • Laser resonator control specifics;
  • Measurement of laser parameters;
  • Nonlinear optics (Second Harmonic Generation);
  • Continuous wave and pulsed Nd:YAG laser;
  • Laser pulse width measurement;
  • Diode-laser-pumped ND:YAG laser;

And many more.


  • Diode laser temperature dependence vs. wavelength
  • Diode  laser collimating and focusing
  • ND:YAG laser pumped by diode laser
  • Continuse and pulsed Nd:YAG Laser
  • Second harmonic generation
  • Laser pulse width measurement