Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

From 8 to 80 years old! girl or boy! Laser is a game for everyone!

The laser tag is a group game like Paintball, in which players are equipped with electronic vests (or headbands) that target each other with a gun, with the difference that Physical clash does not occur and does not cause pain and discomfort. How to play depends largely on the equipment and the player’s selective structure.

Laser gun operation system is based on sending information through infrared light. The information is sent to the opponent via the infrared transmitter on the gun, and if it is hit by the infrared receiver located on the vest or headband. This information is then processed by the microcontroller in the gun and the necessary information, such as the number of hits encountered, is stored in the memory of the electronic board. The reason for naming it to laser is the use of laser light only for marking, which, of course, has been removed due to its hazardous nature in the guns.

Different systems are designed for LaserJet or Laser tag, some very advanced and expensive, and require playgrounds and other equipment. Goal is to design and manufacture a licensed gun to simplify it by maintaining the required performance and thus reducing the price and the possibility of playing for different people including children, newborns and adults.

For this purpose, a receiver mounted on a header and a transmitter whose electronic system is located inside the gun plastic gauge, is suitable for the production of all parts inside, and can easily be repaired in case of failure. And are replaced.

Laser tag guns can be used in indoor halls, such as sports halls, in smaller sizes and fewer at home, for play. Also in open spaces such as parks, these guns can be used to play this game more.

Different Styles of Laser tag 
The lasts are usually played in different styles. Some of the most common ones are:

• One-to-one style in which a player is placed against another player.
• Group style in which a group of players are placed against another group.
• The style of the center where the devices are centered and the players get points by targeting them.

Be aware that gun battles have the ability to play with single-player and single-player styles.