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There is a growing demand for laser technician courses, as more people become aware of the incredible results from the application of laser technology in the different industry. From laser cutting and welding to engraving and drilling, industrial laser technicians can perform a range of application in different industries on various material such as wood, plastic, metal, fabric, leather, paper with various thicknesses. To become a laser technician, you don’t need to be an industry professional. However, the nature of the work requires a person with great social skills to interact with clients, as well as the technical aptitude to handle different state-of-the-art equipment that you will use in different materials.

Laser technician courses
An industrial laser technician must complete a laser technician course, regardless of whether or not the person is professional. There are different kinds of training programs with different duration, ranging from several-day seminars to comprehensive courses that require 90 to 120 hours. Many short classes are small in size to allow the instructors to provide individual attention to each student. Students learn from expert industry leaders and qualified medical professionals, with plenty of hands-on training to ensure that you are comfortable handling the laser equipment. Make sure that you join an approved training program that offers a combination of hands-on and classroom learning. Because of the rapid changes in laser technology, you should also check that the program is regularly updated to teach the latest procedures and how to use the newest equipment.

To have a successful career as a laser technician, you should get professional certification. This certification proves that you have been trained to safely and accurately use industrial laser equipment, either in your own industrial laser business or working with other.Our Laser Technician instructors have years of experience working in different industrial laser fields. We provide a complete laser training environment with advanced laser machines.
Graduates of this course, in addition to being able to get a good job with the high salary, also can buy their laser machines s and run their business.
This training include: 

  • Laser physics
  • Industrial lasers components
  • Laser safety
  • Industrial lasers applications
  • Industrial lasers software
  • Co2 Laser engraving on wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics, paper, leather
  • Fiber Laser engraving on different metals
  • Metal Laser welding
  • Fiber Laser cutting
  • Co2 Laser cutting
  • Laser service and maintenance
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