laser kit-elementary level 

Our elementary-level laser kit contains a complete set of optical elements including mirrors and lenses with different shapes along with three diode laser sources which are ideal for conducting a wide variety of experiments on ray optics such as:

  • Reflection of light in different types of mirrors (planar, concave, convex)
  • Refraction of light passing through an air-glass boundary
  • Refraction of light through a glass prism
  • Critical angle
  • Total reflection
  • Propagation of light in an optical fiber
  • Glass prism deviation of light ray
  • Light beam passing through different boundaries
  • Parameters of lenses – determination of the radius of curvature
  • Parameters of lenses – focal length
  • Model of a normal eye
  • Model of short-sighted eye
  • Model of long-sighted eye
  • Correction of spherical aberration by reducing the beam diameter
  • Correction of spherical aberration by combination of lenses
  • Keplerian telescope
  • Galilean telescope
  • Camera structure